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Here are my selected writing samples.

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Prophet: Hill House House Home, a Model for DTC Brands


Prophet: The Creator Economy - creating and building the future of Gen-Z influence

Women Entrepreneurs at Yale: Rebecca Minkoff on the Trials and Triumphs of Running a Fashion Business



The Wardrobe Crisis: Telfar Clemens, The It Bag, and Me


The Wardrobe Crisis: Will Clothing Rental Be the Future or a Covid Failure? 


The Wardrobe Crisis: 4 Tech Innovations That Will Change the Future of Sustainable Fashion


Yale Daily News: The Perpetual Construction of Manuel Neri's Art



Women Entrepreneurs at Yale: Mona Elsayed, Head of Innovation Strategy at CHANEL


Yale Fashion Quarterly: An Interview with Nicole Phelps, Director of Vogue Runway


Yale Fashion Quarterly: Meet Neville Wisdom, New Haven's Premiere Designer

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