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Subscribe to my weekly newsletter, Cappuccino Thoughts

Cap Thoughts is a weekly newsletter devoted to culture and creativity. It’s mostly about New York City, with occasional global dispatches.

It comes out on Monday mornings and each issue includes the theme of the week, an update on the upcycled bag project I am building, a look of the week, and “what’s on the bedside table” which is the book I’m reading (I tend towards literary fiction and recently went through a big Japanese lit phase and am sinking into an Irish lit era).

Every month you can expect:

-Espresso Thoughts, quick takes about the state of the world.

-A neighborhood guide to all the corners of New York City (I’ve previously covered the Upper East Side and Gramercy, with more to come soon).

-А more personal reflection or essay. It could be about the power of clothing as memoryhow to read more, or chasing the edge of my own cringe.

-A wrap-up of all the new spots I hit this month, usually featuring new cafes, restaurants, art exhibits, Broadway shows, and generally fun ways to spend time.

I also host an annual walk around New York City themed around coffee and connection. Last year we walked 15 miles around Manhattan and stopped at 5 coffee shops. Everyone left with new memories, new friends, and full of so much caffeine at least two people couldn’t sleep that night (but they had fun!). This year’s walk will be Saturday, September 28, 2024. Details to come.

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