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Do you miss meandering around a good museum on a slow afternoon, immersing yourself in a different world, and learning about something new? If that’s you, then you should check out the Fashion For Good experience, a sustainable fashion museum now off

ering virtual tours.

If this latest round of lockdowns and quarantines has you bored in the house, we’ve got a good activity for you. The Fashion For Good museum is now open for virtual tours while the museum stays closed, meaning you don’t have to be in Amsterdam to enjoy their inspiring, educational displays focused on sustainability.

Fashion for Good Experience is interactive and tech focused. Its aim is to teach visitors about the realities of the fashion industry while encouraging them to be fashion activists. They say: “The museum aims to change the hearts and minds of visitors by helping them discover the stories behind their clothes, learn how they can take action and explore how they can have an impact on both an industry and international level.”

The museum is the first to focus on sustainable fashion, it’s always had digital at its core - so the transition to providing digital tours was a natural extension.

The tours bring visitors through the history of “good fashion,” (think circular), showcases materials, more sustainable modes of practice, innovations and innovators.

What’s on display? Think Tommy Hilfiger shoes made with 24% recycled apple waste from Frumat. A shawl by Salvatore Ferragamo made with silk-like material produced from citrus waste from Orange Fiber. An organic cotton t-shirt with embedded DNA tracers from Haelixa which through blockchain technology from the BEXT360 platform can verify the garment’s origin and authenticity.

There’s an exhibition of Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge’s ethereal white patchworked couture pieces, many upcycled from deadstock wedding laces. Want more? The Museum’s managing director Katrin Ley was on Episode 58 of the podcast - listen here. If the pandemic has you motivated to re-evaluate your current practices and to think generatively about how to live more sustainably, the Fashion for Good experience is a great place to start. Book your tickets here. BY CLAIRE KALKMAN. Want more sustainable fashion news? Subscribe here.

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