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  • Claire Kalikman

The Fashion Weeks We Should Be Talking About

Y Fashion House

MARCH 24, 2018

When we talk about “fashion week”, we often only refer to the “Big Four”: Paris, London, New York, and Milan. But this neglects the several dozen other fashion weeks across the world. Though they are often less developed - not occuring every year, or having smaller productions and audiences - these fashion weeks offer fascinating, whimsical, and beautiful shows in cities all over. The distinct style and culture of each location is often illuminated through the runway. Here, I discuss four fashion weeks to look out for.


Berlin Fashion Week shows often have brusque, brutalist elements, combined with bright colors and radical fabrics. The Men’s and Women’s shows both have a lot to offer. The men’s style retains some masculinity, while adding layers of humor and whimsy. The women’s styles have an architectural aspect.


F/W 2018 will be in May this year. Many of the outfits from recent collections have included eye-catching colors juxtaposed with demure silhouettes. Street style has not overtaken Sydney in the same way it has New York, leaving the most impressive looks on the runway. Australian designers have yet to make global headlines in the way that some from Georgia and Japan have, but the country’s fashion industry is worth $28 million dollar industry, and their Fashion Week is becoming more regular.


Tokyo Fashion Week is coming up in March. There, street style is just as photo-worthy as what’s on the runway. People show up in incredibly colorful and playful outfits. On both the streets and the runway, fashionistas and designers combine elements of traditional samurai or geisha-inspired wear, along with avant-garde and Lolita-inspired aspects.


A plethora of  fashion designers, influencers, and models have come out of the small state of Georgia in recent times. For a country that underwent a civil war just twenty years ago, it seems surprising that they would have a flourishing fashion scene.  Demna Gvasalia, now creative director of Balenciaga, is one of the most powerful fashion influencers to have come from the country.  Their fashion weeks are often characterized by interesting silhouettes, plays on Soviet styles, and deconstructed garments.  Spring/ Summer 2018 was in October, and Fall/ Winter will come in April.

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